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What is a Travel Advisor?

Travel Advisors are professionals in the travel field. They have specialties such as cruising, land tours, and family vacations. Many of my fellow advisors and I have traveled extensively and know precisely the destinations and adventures to recommend to our clients.

Why should I use a Travel Advisor?

As a Travel Advisor, I have traveled around the world and have a lot of insider knowledge. I have invested in continuous education, certifications, and watch webinars to keep up to date on trends and destinations.

I leverage my connections, share insights, and ensure you have the best investment of your travel budget.

I listen to my client's concerns regarding safety and take that into account when planning their itinerary.

I’m able to make sure you are treated like a VIP, bypassing the lines at popular attractions and gaining private entry into some museums and particular galleries.

I can arrange unique tours that give my clients rare and unforgettable experiences they cannot book themselves.

With my specialized knowledge and ” Virtuoso” connections, through my host agency ” Gifted Travel Network,” I can access the best of the best Hotels ( the rooms with the fantastic views), cruise lines, and other travel partners.

What is Virtuoso? What does it mean to me?

As a member of Virtuoso ( A Network of Luxury Travel Providers that includes – Hotels, Cruise Lines, and tour operators) through my host agency ” Gifted Travel Network,” I can obtain preferred Hotel rates, and upgrades were available, daily breakfast for two, and amenities where offered.

What services do you provide?

Through my connections, I can book International flights and obtain competitive rates for first/business class and economy plus seats and even private jets.

I can reserve the best hotel rooms with unparalleled views and also private rental properties. I can arrange private ( the best choice to see more and have flexibility ), semi-private, and group tours.

Transfers from your home to the departure airport and transportation in your destination can be arranged. Rental cars can also be secured at competitive prices.

Spa treatments, restaurant reservations, and other tours can be added to make it your dream vacation.

Why do you charge a planning fee?

I charge a planning fee to compensate for my time and expertise in designing an exclusive itinerary for you and your travel party. My knowledge has been gained over the decades, not only from my extensive travels but further education in the travel field and of my network of travel professionals. I am an independent travel advisor, not aligned with any cruise line or hotel group – this means I am not motivated to sell any one product. I can and will find you the best hotel, cruise line, or travel supplier that fits your needs.

My fee varies according to the complexity and the length of your vacation, the number of travelers, and other factors; I will let you know during our complimentary consultation. A typical planning fee is $150.

Do I need Travel Insurance?

You may find you are not covered under your current plan; I always offer travel insurance to protect you, your traveling companions, and your vacation.

What is a Travel Bucket List?

A travel bucket list is a list of destinations you’d love to visit or the experience you would like to enjoy in that destination. Then you can cross it off your list and move on to the next. Every time you travel, you'll add more places to your list!

How does your process work?​​​​​​​

  1. Let’s Connect.
    With a complimentary consultation, we can see if we are a great fit to work together. I’ll learn about your travel style and what you are looking for in a vacation.

  2. Research and Planning.

    With your acceptance of the agreement and payment of my fee, I will then work with my exclusive contacts to plan your itinerary.

  3. Presenting the Options. I will present you with two or three options chosen exclusively for you and your traveling companions. From there, you and I will discuss any changes or options you would like. Remember, I can help you with your flights, tours, or reservations for restaurants and spa treatments. Travel insurance can and should be booked for peace of mind.
  4. Before Departure. I will keep in touch until you depart on your trip. Feel free to call or email me with any questions, no matter how small. I will keep you updated with destination information and helpful travel tips. During your vacation, you will have access to me 24/7 for any emergencies.
  5. When you return. Welcome back! I hope you can spare a few minutes to review your trip. When you are ready, I’d love to help you plan your next vacation.


Planning travel and traveling during the Pandemic FAQs

Where can you visit?

There are very few destinations that you cannot travel to. Each destination has its own rules and protocols. I am happy to book for you now or to book now for the future – which ever you’ll feel more comfortable with. I have a network of contacts feeding me real-time updates and reports as well as giving support when you travel.

How have the rules for each element of your vacation changed?

When you book with Fiona Hamilton Travel rest assured that I have a full understanding of the rules and conditions for each element of your travel.

How has pricing changed?

The pricing of the elements of travel have become more flexible, depending on whether the airline ticket is refundable or that you are able to change to a different date or destination. Each element of your vacation comes from a different provider and has its own set of terms and conditions. My job as your Travel Advisor is to read the small print and all the terms and conditions.

Flexible travel – how do cancellations and changes work?

During our initial consultation you and I will discuss if something changes with your trip are you happy to reschedule at later date or do you need the trip to be refundable. This will affect the elements of travel I am booking for you – so you have the flexibility to change your mind if something arises.

What if my vacation is cancelled?

This depends if your vacation is cancelled by the airline or one of the providers – as your travel advisor I am here to help you reschedule your trip or seek a refund.

Do you support me before, during and after travel?

When you engage the services of Fiona Hamilton Travel and pay my professional fee you are assured that my connections keep me updated to protocols and rules before and during your trip. I am but a phone-call away 24/7 and will be there for you! After your trip I can’t wait to hear all about it and where you would like to go next!

What are the dangers of “DIY” travel planning?

Now more than ever do not “DIY” your travel planning there are too many variables – leave it to an expert who has connections in the destinations you are wanting to visit. If you book with an online booking system you don’t have a specific person to email questions to or be able to pick up the phone an discuss an element of your trip. If you do “DIY” you could be spending a lot of time on hold should anything change with your trip.

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